In Gemini: Heroes Reborn, a new sci-fi action game based on the reboot of hit TV show Heroes, you control a young girl who possesses unique powers such as time-shifting through to the past and the present.

The game is set to be released on 26th January, which is tomorrow – well, unless you time-shift to play the game now. In the PlayStation Blog post by Steve Bowler, the lead designer, he mentioned that the game is essentially three different games combined into one to create a unique experience: Portal, BioShock Infinite, and Mirror's Edge.

A unique selling point for the game is the idea that you can't specifically use a gun but you have powers to "bend reality, stop time, catch bullets, and throw vending machine-sized objects using your mind". If you look at the trailer that was released you can see how adjusting time and bending the world to your desire can be just as effective as a gun.

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