Ubisoft tends to rattle these open world games out like they're in danger of becoming unfashionable, but Far Cry Primal certainly doesn't look rushed in this hour or so of PlayStation 4 gameplay footage. In the video, key personnel from the development team outline some of the main mechanics from the Stone Age spin-off, and it all looks really good – impressive considering that it's barely been a year since Far Cry 4 deployed.

The thing that's making us shout loudest in an unintelligible tribal language is the foliage – it just looks so great. Trees are swaying, the grass is long and unkempt, and the whole world feels alive in a way that a lot of sandbox titles don't. While we're sure that this is going to follow Ubisoft's usual open world blueprint, we're actually rather excited by the unique setting. Will you be unleashing your inner-caveman next month?

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