digimon next order.jpg

Digimon World: Next Order looks more and more promising every time that we see it, with its newest five minute gameplay trailer being the highlight of its marketing campaign so far. The video covers everything from raising Digimon to exploring and battling with them, and we have to say that we're rather impressed with the game's scale.

Unlike the upcoming Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - which is launching here in the West in February - Next Order doesn't put a huge amount of focus on its plot. Instead, it concentrates on more open-ended gameplay that sees you adventure through a relatively vast world with the help of your digital pals. Given that the Vita exclusive title is out in Japan on the 17th March, it's likely that this could well be the next Digimon game to release overseas if the aforementioned Cyber Sleuth is deemed a success.

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