Burnout 3: Takedown is arguably one of the greatest racing games for its tight controls, adrenaline-inducing crashes and speed, and a special feature called Crash Mode. The goal of that mode was to simply yet strategically slam your vehicle into traffic and attempt to cause as much damage and chaos as possible. It should have been a novel, little experiment without lasting appeal, but for many of its players, including this scribe, it was one of the highlights that defined the series' purpose as an arcade racing experience designed for mayhem. Now, imagine this translated into a golf game and you'll come up with the newly-announced Dangerous Golf. Better yet, who better to helm it than the very people who helped create Burnout?

Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward were co-founders at Criterion Games who left the developer in 2014 to jump-start indie studio Three Fields Entertainment in Britain alongside other seasoned employees. Their hopes for Dangerous Golf are not to deliver a realistic simulation of golf where you focus on acing golf courses, but to capture the irreverent, stupid fun only video games can fully realise by having you drive an indestructible, flaming ball through all kinds of environments. Your objective is to annihilate everything, which will entail setting fire to gas stations or shattering collections of china in a palace out of 100 holes in total to tackle.

It's made even better since you can even assume control of the ball's trajectory if you reach a certain amount of damage, and can even turn the ball into a bomb with the SmashBreaker ability, which could be done with cars in Burnout's Crash Mode as well. However, one thing that the developer promises are photorealistic levels designed in Unreal Engine 4 with special attention given toward precise physics – with the possible exception of the golf ball – that will make the game a pure joy to watch unfold before your eyes.

You can expect to follow up your "Fore!" with extreme acts of vandalism this May on the PS4, but are you already sold on the premise of Dangerous Golf? Or are you under the impression it might crash and burn? Hit it off in the comments section to let us know what you think of this wonderfully ridiculous indie game.

[source dangerousgolf.com, via blog.us.playstation.com]