eso ps4 2016.png

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited game director Matt Firor has shared some information regarding what we can expect from the massively multiplayer online title in 2016. Alongside some new downloadable content packs, the developer will be making alterations to how the game's played.

For starters, veteran ranks are being removed, which will obviously change how you continue to grow your character after you hit level 50. When the alteration is implemented, champion points and the champion system will become your main means of strengthening your hero, which is something that many players have been asking for. This rather significant change is expected to be introduced in the second quarter of 2016.

Also coming around that time is what Firor calls "the Dark Brotherhood update", while in the first quarter of this year, the Thieves Guild is making an appearance in a separate update. We imagine that we'll have more information on the latter within the next few weeks.

We're merely glazing over some of the finer points here, so if you want all the details, be sure to check out the post over on the official blog. Do you think that you'll be exploring Tamriel well into 2016? Make your own guild in the comments section below.