Arc the Lad PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Arc the Lad doesn't have an enormous amount of brand cachet in Europe as SCEE infamously only brought one instalment overseas. That entry was PlayStation 2 debut Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Sprits, which was needlessly renamed Arc: Twilight of the Spirits because that's what European companies used to do at the turn of the century.

Now the very same game's coming to the PlayStation 4, as confirmed by the PlayStation Blog. Set to release on 12th January, the role-playing port will see you battling over crystals or something – the plot summary's one amnesiac away from being bog-standard anime fare. This is the latest PS2 title to take advantage of Sony's new emulation strategy, so expect Trophies and all of the usual bells and whistles.

We're sure that at least one of you is excited about this, but as we explained above, Arc the Lad was never popular on these shores. Maybe this is the property's opportunity to prove that we need a native PS4 instalment?