Yakuza Zero PlayStation 3 PS3 SEGA

Yakuza Zero practically had the Push Square office on its feet when it was announced for the PlayStation 4 at PlayStation Experience 2015 last week – but there's bad news for those of you in Europe. SEGA's said that the game is only confirmed for North America right now, despite a trailer mentioning the Old Word. Apparently that was an error.

Interestingly, the game was given the moniker "console debut" during the Japanese giant's event on Saturday, suggesting that it could come to other platforms – or, perhaps more likely, the PC. This would seemingly indicate that SEGA's handling the localisation, and may not be willing to pay for additional translations. Sony, of course, is footing the bill for Yakuza 5.

It's important to note that the House of Sonic has not ruled out a European release, so it could still happen. To be honest, though, if you can speak English then it doesn't really matter, as you'll always be able to either import it or purchase it from the North American PlayStation Store. If you want it bad enough, there'll be a way to get it – irrespective of what SEGA decides.

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