Let's face it: you can't help but be cynical of Final Fantasy XV when you've been waiting for the game for almost a decade - and we're guilty of this, too. Time and time again, we've written articles on the title's seemingly limited progress while sighing deeply, wondering if we'll ever actually get to play the darn thing. Even though it's supposed to be releasing next year, we'd by lying if we said that we aren't concerned about the game's condition.

It's refreshing to hear, then, that development is apparently going swimmingly right now. In a post on the official Final Fantasy XV forums, kindly translated by Gematsu, Kitade, one of the title's programmers, has said that the role-playing release is now playable from start to finish, and the first half of the game is of a quality that represents the finished product. Surely this is cause for celebration?

Indeed, it's just good to hear something that sounds positive for a change, and who knows - maybe we'll actually be playing Final Fantasy XV in 2016. Do you believe? Show us your cautious optimism in the comments section below.

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