'Ave it

Before we get to the subject at hand, we have a tale of our own to share: office weeaboo Robert Ramsey has taken some time off, so forgive us if we don't grasp the anime intricacies of this Tales of Berseria trailer. The game, which is due out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan next year, will see you assume the role of a character called Velvet, a sailor with a particularly potent left hand. You wouldn't want her touching your crown jewels, innit.

The combat system promises an evolution of the Linear Motion Battle format found in previous forays, where you'll have free reign over the battlefield. Artes – a fancy name for attacks, we assume – will be attributed to the DualShock's face buttons. As mentioned, the game's due out in 2016 in Japan, with a Western release likely to follow thereafter.

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