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The expectation from PlayStation press conferences is wild at times – and websites like ours probably don't help, even though we always endeavour to keep our predictions as level headed as possible. Speaking as part of an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has admitted that the days leading up to PlayStation Experience 2015 were difficult – especially seeing as people were anticipating announcements that he knew weren't planned.

"To be honest, the last couple of days were tough, because I can see some pain of people who are expecting some announcements that didn't happen," he revealed. "Consequently, these people feel ignored. But we won't just announce everything that we are doing and we are not doing. Of course, some people want to know what's going on and what our plans are, so it must be frustrating and disappointing for those people because they are really passionate."

For many of us, that passion drives our PlayStation fandom – but it can bubble over at times. And a quick glance at Yoshida's social media accounts shows that not everyone is polite when reaching out to the executive. "Some people get really angry and send me hate tweets," he sighed. "Fortunately, other people in the same community tell those people that hate speech on the Internet doesn't help the cause."

All in all, though, the suit's quite satisfied with his status as the face of Sony's brand – partly because he gets so much feedback from fans. "It's been great to be able to talk directly to people, and we get immediate and spontaneous responses whatever we announce," he concluded. "It's mostly good, but sometimes it's disappointing for some people." The moral, then: let Yoshida and his colleagues know how you feel, but remember to be polite about it.