Max Payne PS4 PlayStation 4 1

After re-releasing eight PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 4 last week, it seems that Sony isn't going to stop digging up old classics and giving them a new lease of life. On the ESRB website, it appears that Remedy's excellent shooter Max Payne could be one of those games being brought to the platform, with Rockstar being the publisher. This makes perfect sense, of course: Rockstar has already published Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas for PS4, so digging into its stellar back catalogue for more games is definitely a possibility.

Or could Max Payne 4 be in the works? Rockstar has stated in the past that it's working on other projects – it hasn't released a new game in two years – so it's a possibility. Still, this is pure speculation, as Rockstar has a ton of IPs it could further, not to mention making new ones.

Would you buy a Max Payne PS4 port? Do you think that Rockstar is working on a new Max Payne game? Avenge your family in the comments.