Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Psyonix will be celebrating Christmas with a three bird roast and those cool crackers that have gags inside them, because Rocket League's success has earned the indie outfit a whopping $50 million since launching in July. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the game only cost around $2 million to make, so the studio's basically rich right now. Wow! OMG! Wow!

The game was given away for free with PlayStation Plus, of course, but Sony pays each developer an undisclosed fee for every download. You could argue that the release wouldn't have found its fanbase without the giveaway, though, so it's unlikely that the studio regrets the decision. And with an Xbox One version and plenty more DLC on the way, it's probably going to milk this cow until it's dry.

In fact, the studio does say that it's looking into more collaborations like the Back to the Future DeLorean car – Knight Rider's Kitt next, please! Fair play to the developer, though – the game is legitimately great, and it deserves all of the success in the world. Are you still bouncing balls into your opposition's goal, or has the novelty worn off a little now? Boost jump into the comments section below.