Bound PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Remember the game with ballerinas that divided opinion earlier in the week? Well, we're going to post about it again, because it looks absolutely stunning. For those out of the loop, Bound is being produced by Polish demoscene developer Plastic in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica, and it's billed as a story-driven platformer in which you take control of a dancer.

The game appeared on the PlayStation Experience livecast yesterday, and during the stream Michal Staniszewski explained that the studio has tried to strip away the title's challenge in order to ensure that the story sticks out. However, while the gameplay will be relatively forgiving, the plot promises to make you think, as you piece together the more ambiguous aspects of the narrative.

To be honest, the game's going to have to be really emotionally resonant if it intends to get away with such simplistic platforming, but we're in love with the character animations, which have been inspired by ballet, gymnastics, and more. The studio's even worked with a choreographer to get the main character's movement right, and it makes for a real feast for the eyes.