Vampyr PS4 playStation 4 1

DONTNOD Entertainment may have only just put a period on the first season of Life Is Strange, but it's busy behind-the-scenes working on something a little darker. Vampyr was announced by the Parisian outfit for the PlayStation 4 a little while ago, but the developer's taken to the PlayStation Blog to pop its collar and reveal a little more about the gothic role-playing game.

The story's set in London circa 1918, with the city gripped by a great flu epidemic. You'll play as a haematologist named Jonathan Reid, who's developed vampiric tendencies. The game will see you sneaking through the cobbled streets of the English capital, communicating with others, vanquishing pond life, and, well, stalking your prey.

It sounds like the studio really wants you to feel the strain of each meal. You'll be able to feed off anyone in the world, but there'll often be immediate or long-term consequences to your actions. This concept sounds really interesting: you have to eat, but people are going to die each time that you do. How will you know when you're chowing down on the right guy?

There's no word on a release date just yet, but seeing as the studio has yet to really release any in-game assets, we're assuming that it's still a long way away. There's plenty of potential here, though – our only worry is that if the combat fails to stack up, it could end up being billed as a poor man's Bloodborne. Let's hope that it carves out its own bloody path, eh?