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Being the current hotness, the PlayStation 4 has come under increased scrutiny. But according to Metacritic, the console had the best games this year – assuming that we pop PC and portables in a different category. In truth, the system's average Metascore of 70.5 was barely above the Xbox One – but over 70 more games were rated on Sony's system, which could have easily brought the average down.

The PS4 also played host to more 90+ rated games than the competition, and had more 75+ exclusives to its name. Of course, the methodology is flawed across the board: the Xbox One version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was technically the highest rated release of the year, despite the PS4 version running at a higher resolution. This is because the PS4 edition was rated by 86 critics, compared to just ten on Microsoft's machine.

With that in mind, though, it is interesting that, according to Metacritic data, the PS4 had the stronger year across the board – especially when you consider that many people have been disappointed with the platform's lineup in 2015. We're really interested to see how 2016 fares for the format, because Sony seems to have amassed a stunning roster of software. We reckon that that average is only going to increase.