DriveClub PS4 PlayStation 4 City DLC 1

Evolution Studios ain't ready to pump DriveClub's brakes just yet. The PlayStation 4's perennially underrated racer looks set to get even better in 2016 – with the addition of city tracks. The developer teased the new arrivals in a tantalising Twitter message, showing an image of a bike zipping around a rain-slicked street as well as an Aston Martin sliding around an Edinburgh-esque town.

The company's yet to confirm where the locations actually are and when we'll be able to play them, but we're sure that we'll learn more in the New Year. Hopefully this means that a second Season Pass is on the way, as the first one was exceptional. A sign of strong post-release support, that: we just asked for a second Season Pass. With DriveClub, though, y'know it's going to be worth it.