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You didn't think that the PlayStation Vita was dead, did you? Between the likes of BigFest and Dariusburst, the little console that can is enjoying something of a mini-resurgence, which we hope is capped off by a quality showing at PlayStation Experience this weekend. To keep you occupied until then, Canadian developer Drinkbox has deployed a brand new trailer for its forthcoming first-person dungeon crawler Severed – and it looks great.

The game whisks you away to a mysterious fantasy world, where you'll be battling beasts with the tip of your index finger. "Combat is done primarily using the touchscreen, but Severed is definitely not a casual game," gaffer Graham Smith explained on the PlayStation Blog. "In fact, we think that using the touchscreen for sword combat has allowed us to make the game a much more deep and complex experience than button-based sword fighting ever could have been."

Bouts will play out as mini-puzzles, prompting you to think about how you're going to tear your opponents to shreds. Along the way you'll gather loot which can be used to upgrade your armour, while ability unlocks will see you revisiting old areas in order to explore more of the colourful sandbox setting. It sounds really great, and it's a reminder that the Vita can be a fantastic platform when developers put a bit of effort into it. More, please.