Michael Pachter PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Divisive industry analyst Michael Pachter has pulled out his crystal ball in a brand new YouTube video, deeming that Sony already has the latest generation on lock. The Japanese giant announced relatively recently that the PlayStation 4 has surpassed 30 million sales worldwide, while Microsoft has opted not to report hardware numbers moving forwards. But while there's clearly daylight between the boxes, the Wedbush Securities employee reckons that there's nothing that the Xbox One can do to close the gap.

"We should start every console cycle assuming that Sony's going to outsell Microsoft two to one, because it has twice as many people who know what its console is," he explained, pointing to the PlayStation maker's global brand. For those out of the loop, the PS4 is absolutely crushing its competition in Continental Europe, with the company recently boasting that it has 90 per cent market share in some countries. Things are much closer in the USA, however, and this is where Pachter believes that the Redmond organisation will focus its attention.

"My guess is that Microsoft is going to really try hard to win in the US, and it's probably going to fail," he said. "It's going to hope to win globally and it's definitely going to fail." The analyst also weighed in on the popular idea that exclusives could change the tide. "First-party content is not differentiated enough to make a difference," he stressed. However, the suit ultimately concluded that the competition between the companies is not quite as fierce as some think. "As long as they make a profit and sell a lot of boxes, they [both] win."

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