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While no official PlayStation Plus announcement has been released on the PlayStation Blog at the time of writing, emails have been sent out to PlayStation 4 owners disclosing the two free games that they'll be getting come January.

First up is online vehicular combat game Hardware: Rivals, a sequel to 2002's Hardware: Online Arena – one of the first online multiplayer games to release for the PlayStation 2. In the car battler, you can choose between driving slow but sturdy Tanks or the more nimble Fast Attack Vehicles, which can be used in a variety of modes including Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, or Domination, as well as various single player activities. An open beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers was available in October, so you've probably made up your mind on whether you like it.

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Also available for PS4 subscribers is Grim Fandango Remastered, which released back in January 2015. The legendary LucasArts game has been given improved character graphics and textures, a new orchestral score, and a director's commentary from none other than Tim Schafer, and is an excellent way to play the game that reviewer Graham Banas gave a 9/10, calling it "undoubtedly one of the greatest adventure games ever made".

PS4 players, are you happy with this selection? What were you hoping to be added to the Instant Game Collection? Celebrate the Day of the Dead in the comments below.

Update (18:00PM GMT): Sony's now confirmed the full lineup, with Dragon Age: Origins and Medal of Honor: Warfighter joining the party on the PlayStation 3, while Nihilumbra drops in on Vita. Subscribers will also score, er, PSP title Legends of War: Patton. Yay?