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Nobody wants to head into the holidays with a cloud hanging over their heads, so Sony has smartly delayed January's big PlayStation Plus update announcement until next week – after all, these reveals rarely make people happy these days, do they? Writing on Twitter, PlayStation Blog punching bag Fred Dutton declared that the freebies will "likely" be aired next week. Hopefully you'll have eaten too many Mince Pies to care by then.

So, what could make the cut? Well, car combat comeback Hardware Rivals is due to deploy on the day that we'd expect the Instant Game Collection goodies to be made available, and would certainly benefit from the injection of players. Amplitude's also out on 5th January, but seems much less likely. We suppose that Sony could dip into its archives – we still think that Killzone: Shadow Fall would be a good addition. But, c'mon now, who are we kiddin'?

Is there anything in particular that you're hankering for in 2016? Do you reckon that Knack is where it's at, or are you hopeful for more launch day indies similar to Rocket League and Velocity 2X? Pick your poison in the comments section below.