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Update (11:00AM GMT): The rumours were true: Hideo Kojima has partnered with PlayStation to build a brand new PS4 exclusive. You can find all of the information through here.

Update (19:30PM GMT): PlayStation Nation claims that Hideo Kojima's new studio is independent, but that its first project will be funded by Sony and will release on the PlayStation 4 and PC. It would be strange for an SCE published title to launch on PC, but Helldivers was recently published by PlayStation on Steam, so it's not unprecedented. The site also states that an official announcement is expected soon, though it doesn't ever reveal its sources. This story's going to run and run, we suspect.

Update (18:45PM GMT): Improved translations of the original Nikkei article suggest that Hideo Kojima is in "final negotiations" with Sony regarding the "debut" of a fresh title. It seems that the luminary is already in the advanced stages of establishing a new studio with former Konami developers, though it's unclear who's bankrolling it and whether it will fit under the PlayStation umbrella. More likely is that the studio will be independent, but it's possible that Sony could still publish its game, similar to its arrangement with Quantic Dream.

Original article: Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami and is in talks with Sony about the possibility of setting up a new first-party studio, Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports. Given the Metal Gear Solid franchise's close association with the PlayStation platforms, SCE has always seemed like a solid fit for the veteran's immense talents, so it's no surprise to hear that conversations are taking place. Of course, there's no guarantee that anything will come of them.

Irrespective, this now means that Kojima is finally free to do as he pleases. A report way back in October revealed that the auteur had departed his employer of almost 30 years, but the company refuted the claims, stating that he was on holiday. We now know that he's likely spent the months since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's release serving a non-compete clause, which prevented him from attending The Game Awards a few weeks ago.

We had pondered whether Kojima would want to continue making games, but the fact that he's meeting with Sony suggests that he's at least open to the idea. Should he form a new first-party outfit, it's unlikely that we'll see the fruits of his labour for several years. As such, it'll be interesting to see whether the Japanese giant is willing to take a chance on him. To be honest, we can't think of a better fit for the veteran – but we're sure that he'll be getting head hunted until something is signed either way.

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