Kojima Productions PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Gamers around the globe are ditching their Quiet drawings in order to pen a new character: Kojima Productions' logo. We've only seen the medieval skull's head thus far, but studio founder Hideo Kojima did note in a tweet that the company has imagined the character's body as well. Rather than reveal it, however, he said that he'd prefer fans to imagine it first – and that's exactly what they're doing.

NeoGAF's collated some cool sketches so far, including one loosely based on a famous scene from Hamlet. We love that even the logo for the auteur's new studio has managed to create such fervour among gamers. Just wait until his new game – which will launch as a PlayStation 4 console exclusive – is officially announced. There's going to be pandemonium, readers – pandemonium!


[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]