Flaccid but fantastic

Six years removed from its original release, Keita Takahashi's oddball girth giving sim Noby Noby Boy has been completed. For those unfamiliar with the loopy release, it tasked you with stretching your body so that you may give your length to GIRL, a cosmic entity on a trip around the solar system. Having visited Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and many more, our heroine has now returned safely to Earth.

And that's unlocked a brilliant eight or so minute ending video which has been buried in the release since it deployed all the way back in 2009. The conclusion includes an edible letter, twee audio, and more innuendo than a 70s sitcom. It's the perfect end to a perfect game, you may say – 10/10? It's definitely up there.

[source youtube.com, via eurogamer.net]