destiny sparrow racing equipment.png

Guardians rejoice: the day has finally arrived. Destiny's latest patch buffs auto rifles (again), pulse rifles are getting nerfed, and Titan Sunbreaker subclass is being slapped down to Earth - or what's left of it, we suppose.

Of course, it's not just about balance changes. Announced at Sony's PlayStation Experience 2015 press conference, the Sparrow Racing League is now open for business. The winter event will last three weeks, and we'll hopefully have some impressions for you over the next few days after we've decided whether or not it's an acceptable compromise for the fact that there's no WipEout on PS4.

Other changes include the ability to once again trade planetary materials for faction reputation, and various alterations to both Strike and Crucible playlists. What's more, numerous new and returning exotics are being added to the mix. You can take a look at the full patch notes through here.

Will you be diving into Destiny tonight or at some point soon? Hop on a Sparrow and slide into the comments section below.