This is sure to split opinion

The best part of being a PlayStation fan is that Sony funds some truly wacky stuff, and Bound definitely falls under that category. The game – which is being produced for the PlayStation 4 by Datura developer Plastic in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica – was teased around the web recently, and resembles a 3D platformer in which you'll need to… Well, progress through the power of dance.

The game promises a "mature" story, but it also hopes to deliver a compelling gameplay loop that will keep those uninterested in the narrative occupied. The visuals, meanwhile, have been inspired by Modern Art, while the developer has worked with real world dancers and choreographers to nail the movement of the main character. Are you excited yet?

Plastic's saying that the title will run at 60 frames-per-second in 1080p, and that it's spent more than a year simply optimising its engine in order to deliver unwavering PS4 performance. While it's always behind some pretty "out-there" stuff, we've enjoyed the Polish studio's output in the past, and we're pleased to see Sony continuing to plough resources into interactive experiments like this.