PlayStation Plus PS4 PS3 Vita Worth Sony 1

We've crunched the numbers, and your PlayStation Plus subscription was worth $1,101.78 in North America and £828.78 in the UK this year. Subscribers to the premium platform snagged 72 games across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita – and that's not including bonuses such as DriveClub: PS Plus Edition.

We probably should stress before the pedants arrive that these "freebies" are tied to an active subscription; those that opt not to renew their membership will temporarily lose access to the titles. Still, it's an impressive haul, and the quality of the giveaways – as determined by Metacritic – is actually pretty good, with this year's offering averaging a score of 76.

There is a perception that the service has decreased in quality, however, and comparisons to 2014's lineup do reflect this – even if the difference is marginal. Last year North America netted $1,349.29 of software, while the UK nabbed £960.64 of stuff. The average rating was also higher in 2014: the lineup got a 79 in North America and a 78 in Europe.

It's not an enormous difference, but with the pool of quality PS3 and Vita games running dry, we'd personally like to see Sony invest more heavily into the PS4 lineup moving forwards. Either way, our full report illustrates just how valuable an active PlayStation Plus membership can be. And considering that you're only paying £39.99/$49.99 annually for the service, it's hard to complain.

[source News: Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value for Money in 2015?]