Can this thing power Pornhub?

Vault dwellers found a different kind of joystick to play with on Fallout 4's launch day, as adult site Pornhub – not linked for obvious reasons – reported a 10 per cent decline in traffic on the day of the role-playing game's release. Apparently page views dipped at 05:00AM on 10th November, around the time most people would have successfully installed the title and started playing.

"As huge fans of the game, we can't say that we blame anyone for swapping Pornhub time for some Pip-Boy surfing instead," vice president Corey Price told Games Beat. "We would have done the same." Fortunately for the site, traffic rebounded at 23:00PM on launch day, as people sought a break from the Commonwealth. Word is that Kleenex sales also nosedived on the same day.