Valkyria Azure Revolution PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Valkyria Chronicles is getting a PlayStation 4 remaster early next year in Japan, which should thrill fans of the underrated PlayStation 3 strategy role-playing game. However, we now know a bit more about its forthcoming follow-up Valkyria: Azure Revolution, which will be set in a separate universe to the trio of Chronicles games.

Developed by Media.Vision, the successor will be slightly more action oriented, as real-time combat elements will be added to the mix. A teaser trailer has been released by publisher SEGA setting the scene for the title, and it definitely looks much more "anime" than its predecessors, with elaborate costume designs replacing the uniforms of the originals.

While the art style's a little more generic than its peers, though, the painterly look appears to be very much intact – as the batch of embedded screenshots reveal. The game's due out in Winter 2016 in Japan, but a demo will be included with the aforementioned Valkyria Chronicles remaster. The developer's aiming to gather feedback from that which it hopes will influence the final game.

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