dissidia final fantasy vaan trailer.jpg

Despite arguably being the least interesting character in the game that he hails from, Vaan has made the cut in Dissidia Final Fantasy. The wannabe sky pirate appears to use a somewhat varied moveset that includes sword and spell attacks, all while he continues to prance around in nothing but a vest. Still, it's got us thinking: where the heck is our Final Fantasy XII remaster, Square?

Speaking of remasters, Final Fantasy X also leaps into the fray with Tidus, who seems to have some impressive aerial manoeuvres. The plucky protagonist looks to be of the fast and furious variety as he takes the fight to the glistening beaches of Spira.

Are you as hopeful as we are for a PlayStation 4 announcement in the relatively near future? Tell us if you're up for some action in the comments section below.

Vaan trailer

Tidus trailer