Star Wars PS4 PlayStation 4 Battlefront 1

The force is strong on PlayStation is just a marketing slogan – but it may actually be pretty accurate, after all. According to a Star Wars Battlefront stat tracking website, there are more people playing DICE's first-person shooter on the PlayStation 4 than the PC and Xbox One combined. It's important to note that this information is captured directly from EA's servers every five minutes, though the 24 hour peaks tell a similar tale. Things could change over the course of the weekend, but the other systems would need to introduce an enormous influx of players in order to catch up.

It's not all that surprising, of course, seeing as Sony has been closely aligned with the game ever since it was revealed. In addition to securing exclusive bundles, the platform holder's icons have bookmarked virtually every trailer for the title – and that's a trend which will continue right through to the release of forthcoming flick, The Force Awakens. There's a chance, then, that the Japanese giant's share of the active Battlefront community could increase. And people say that marketing partnerships are a waste of money…

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