Sith sense

Star Wars Battlefront's received something of a lukewarm critical response, but it prompted outrage overnight as thousands of gamers attempted to boot their PlayStation 4 pre-loads – only to be greeted by an error message. It seems that those who downloaded the Ultimate Edition were afflicted by a 'CE-34632-8' glitch, which asked them to update the game – even though it already had the latest version installed.

Sony itself immediately requested that fans restore their licenses in the Account Management area of the PS4, but that didn't solve the issue for everyone. EA Games has since deployed a hot fix which appears to have rectified the problem – assuming that you reboot your console before retrying. If the servers hold, this will prove a minor blip – but the whole point of pre-loading is so that you can play the second that a game launches.

In this instance, many wannabe Jedis endured an irritating evening…

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