Down the Kat flap

Credit where credit's due: Sony does listen to what you have to say. There was mild uproar in the PlayStation Nation [Are we still using that one? – Ed] when SCEA revealed that Gravity Rush Remastered would not be getting a retail release in North America. However, a physical edition popped up for pre-order on over the weekend, and executive Asad Qizilbash confirmed that the company had changed its stance overnight on Twitter.

It looks like it's made the right move, as the re-release has been rising up's rankings all day, with the $29.99 pre-order up to 47th in the hourly best sellers list at the time of typing. The platform holder almost skipped a retail release of the topsy-turvy title on the Vita, too, but fan pressure prompted it to change its mind then as well.

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