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Will there ever be a better year for unexpected game announcements? SEGA has revealed that its criminally underrated strategy game Valkyria Chronicles will be receiving a remaster on the PlayStation 4 – but that's not all. The company also announced that an all-new entry, Valkyria of the Blue Revolution, is in development for Sony's new-gen system. What is going on?

We'll start with the re-release, which is set to deploy on 10th February in Japan for ¥4,990 ($40). The game will ship with enhanced graphics, downloadable content, and full Trophy support. It will also come with a demo for the next game, which the publisher will use to garner feedback and drive interest in the forthcoming sequel.

That game's due out in Winter 2016 by the way, and will further the franchise's painterly art direction. We don't know much about the gameplay here, but it looks like multiple party members will be able to attack at once, which would be a change for the series. The plot, meanwhile, will involve crystals and other anime McGuffins.

The big question is: will these games release in the West? There have been sequels to Valkyria Chronicles over the years, but they were exclusive to the PSP. We suspect that bringing the series to the PS4 means that SEGA's looking at the global market, and given its recent comments about wanting to win back fans, we're hopeful that these new titles will plot a path to Europe and North America eventually.

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