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We'll be brutally honest: there are so many indie releases on the PlayStation 4 and Vita these days that we struggle to cover them all. One title that's stood out this week, though, is Read Only Memories – a modern take on the adventure game set in a cyberpunk world known as Neo-San Francisco. The title's Snatcher-esque art style looks absolutely amazing – and the audio is even better.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, developer Midboss has done away with pixel hunting and awkward item combinations – this is a detective game where many of the puzzles have multiple solutions, and the ones that you pick will help to better profile your personality and branch the story in different directions. The title was funded on Kickstarter in 2013, and has great reviews on the PC.

There's no word on a date for the PlayStation versions just yet, but we're sure that we'll be learning lots more in the near future. This is one that we can definitely picture ourselves snuggling up with on the Vita, as that art style's really going to pop on the system's five inch screen.