Remote Play PS4 PlayStation PC Computer Mac

You may have read recently about an unofficial application which promised to enable PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality on computers. Well, the people that have been building that must be feeling pretty darn rotten this morning, as Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony's working on an official application that will enable the feature on PCs and Macs.

At the moment, Remote Play allows you to stream games to your PlayStation Vita, freeing up your television screen. This forthcoming function will work in exactly the same way, except that you'll be able to continue your game using your computer screen. It's something that Microsoft already offers on the Xbox One with Windows 10, but Apple fans will be able to get in on the action here.

Exactly when the feature will roll out is unclear, but we suspect that more will be announced in the relatively near future. Does this kind of functionality appeal to you, or do you think that Sony's wasting its resources working on something like this? Broadcast your opinion in the comments section below.