Aw, Chell no

There's already a plethora of items to unlock in Game of the Year contender Rocket League, but developer Psyonix is still adding content. This time around, it's a bunch of Portal-themed items announced via the studio's Steam Community page, which have later been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 on the game's official subreddit.

Nine goodies to unlock have been added: Conversion, Propulsion, and Repulsion Gels are present in Rocket Trail form; Companion Cube, Personality Core, PotatOS, and the Aperture logo have been converted into antennas; and the fabled cake is available as both a topper and an antenna. All of these items will be available from 1st December.

Could this partnership with Valve lead to any more Portal content in Rocket League? What would you like to see added? Miss the ball repeatedly in the comments section below.

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