Nice try

In backward compatibility, Microsoft's finally got an Xbox One feature that it can shout about it – and it's sure trying its hardest to make a bit of noise. In a new video on the organisation's UK YouTube account, the company has parodied Sony's famous PlayStation 4 game sharing video – although the punch line isn't quite as well executed.

The company also takes the opportunity to have a pop at PlayStation Now, flaunting its free functionality. We honestly find the comparisons to Sony's service a bit thin, as the cloud streaming option was never intended as backward compatibility – its end goal is clearly to get PlayStation games on phones, tablets, and televisions. But whatever.

Of course, we could pick holes in the fact that Microsoft's solution only supports a handful of games at the moment, and the fact that this video directly references an extremely dark time in the Xbox One's lifespan – but we won't. Enjoy the moment, guys – we're champing at the bit to revisit Bejeweled 2, too.

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