Wonderful Life Ps4 PlayStation 4 1

You've seen the commercial, so you know that the life of a PlayStation 4 player is all about The Chemical Brothers and daring dance moves. Sony may not be able to guarantee you a guest role in the next Street Dance movie, but it is giving away a ton of goodies as part of its latest campaign. Prizes include a 1TB Star Wars Battlefront PS4, a 55" television, and a bunch of upcoming games at release. You'll also nab a PlayStation VR headset on launch day.

So, how do you win? Well, if you're a UK reader and click through here to the specially branded promotional page, you'll find a little minigame. This is built around the latest European advertisement, and tests your PlayStation pub quiz knowledge. It's actually really fun – we took the test purely because we enjoy these things and scored a cool 14/14. Can you match our score and win a whole heap of prizes to boot? Have a go.

Before you go and play, though, we should say that this competition is being promoted by the Gamer Network, which Push Square is a part of. Disclaimers and all that, innit.

[source eurogamer.net]