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So, what's the price of becoming a slave to the AAA gaming war machine that is Activision? According to Destiny, your undying loyalty to the brand can be bought with a couple of emotes, an emblem, a shader, a sword, and a sparrow. The question is: are you cheap enough?

Jokes aside, Bungie's released a trailer that details exactly what you get when you make use of the game's new refer-a-friend system. As the name suggests, all you have to do is pester someone until the buy the title on PlayStation 4 - PlayStation 3 owners don't seem to be eligible - have them log into Destiny's servers, and link your accounts.

Once linked, you'll pick up a quest called 'The Hunt for Loot' from the Speaker. Complete it, and you'll nab all of the rewards that we listed earlier. What's more, playing with your linked buddy also nets you extra experience, once and for all proving the true power of friendship. Got someone in mind? You can start the process through here.

In all fairness, it's not a bad deal if you know someone who's planning on buying Destiny anyway - just make sure that you don't ruin any relationships in the process, because no emote dances are that good.