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Well, we always thought that early 2016 was too good to be true. As Mirror's Edge Catalyst's retreat has already shown, the period is absolutely packed with new releases - and today, we're sad to report that we have another casualty in this war for your hard earned money.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been hit with a delay - and it's a big one. The game was originally slated for launch on the 23rd February, but now it's been pushed all the way back to the 23rd August. Told you that it was a big one.

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According to an official blog post, the delay will ensure that the title lives up to the franchise's legacy. The studio plans on polishing the futuristic escapade as thoroughly as possible - but we can't help but feel that a six month delay points to bigger problems. Either way, we'd rather wait for a better game than have a broken one thrown out onto the market.