chivalry medieval warfare ps4 gameplay

About time, eh? Chivalry: Medieval Warfare launched on the PlayStation 3 back in February - and no one seemed to care. Needless to say, many have been waiting patiently for a PlayStation 4 announcement, and we're happy to report that the day has finally arrived.

The multiplayer hack-'em-up - which saw great success on PC - will be marching onto Sony's newest system on the 1st December. Hey, that's only 12 days away - aren't you lucky?

The digital-only title features 24 player battles over 25 different maps, and an all-new horde mode for up to teams of six. What's more, the whole thing runs on dedicated servers.

Take a look at the release's admittedly cheap looking launch trailer, and tell us if you've been waiting for this bloody good time in the comments section below.