Just Cause 3 is the one game that we're waiting on before we begin our Game of the Year coverage here at Push Square. Rico Rodriguez's latest explosion filled escapade is undoubtedly going to be a fun ride - but if you're not entirely sold on this particular brand of sandbox madness, we'd suggest watching the video that we've embedded.

Showcasing the first 60 minutes of the release, it's packed full of everything that you'd expect: a shoddy story, cardboard characters, big guns, ridiculous vehicular stunts, and, of course, total chaos. It's predictable, then, but we're loving the look of the new map, and can certainly appreciate the sheer variety that's on offer when it comes to causing complete destruction.

How do you think it looks? Is Just Cause 3 already on your wishlist, or has this gameplay influenced your opinion? Smash a tank into the comments section below.