Corpse Party XSEED PlayStation Vita 1

Sony's slowly dropping support for the PlayStation Vita, but it remains flush with Japanese titles and indie ports. This puts the portable in a unique position: it remains incredibly relevant – but only among a very specific niche. Fortunately, publisher XSEED – the organisation responsible for bringing the likes of Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed and Corpse Party: Blood Drive overseas – seems to understand its audience well, and has no intentions of dropping the device any time soon.

"We love the Vita," vice president Ken Berry exclaimed in an interview with Operation Rainfall. "It's a fantastic system. The install base may be lower compared to the PlayStation 3, but the Vita owners are the exact gamers that we are appealing to so every Vita release we see great support. So, as long as Vita games are being released in Japan, we will continue to bring them over. We're seeing a lot more of Vita and PlayStation 4 titles being released, so we might not see Vita exclusive games, but we will see a steady stream of PS4 and Vita titles."

The question is: will you continue buying games for the platform – or has all of the chatter about its health turned you away from the handheld? Revitalise your enthusiasm for the appliance in the comments section below.