Dinosaur hunter

Dinosaurs are back in a big way, and Ubisoft seems poised to capitalise on the craze. The publisher's just uploaded a mysterious livestream (!!!) to its YouTube channel which teases an impending announcement. The footage shows a cave drawing of a Neanderthal with a bow, and in the background there's the sound of breathing and snarling beasts. What could it all mean?

Well, one theory – by way of Kotaku's ever reliable Jason Schreier – suggests that the French firm has been working on a pre-historic Far Cry game, and this teaser would certainly fit the bill. There's no word yet on when we'll learn more, but we could picture ourselves capping raptors while riding on the back of a t-rex. Heck, we'd even put up with climbing Stone Age structures if it meant that we got a pet triceratops.

Update (20:30PM BST): Dinosaurs could be out at the expense of mammoths, assuming that this tweet by Ubisoft Switzerland is accurate. We're a bit bummed, to be honest. The livestream is changing all the time.

Update (01:00AM BST): Far Cry Primal seems virtually official now. There's more through here.

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