Star Wars Battlefront PS4 PlayStation 4 1

We're long past the point where chatting about resolution is interesting, but that's probably because practically every game on the PlayStation 4 runs at 1080p. Star Was Battlefront – or its beta, at least – is an exception, running at 900p according to a Digital Foundry analysis. This is in line with previous Battlefield releases, but is a shame all the same.

To be fair, while the final image is upscaled, the site notes that "its post-process anti-aliasing does a decent enough job in keeping the image clean", which means that it still looks good – albeit not quite as sharp as it would if it was running in 1080p natively. The upshot is that the gameplay targets 60 frames-per-second, and sticks to it admirably.

Digital Foundry does stress that there are minor hiccups in areas of high activity, but the framerate rarely plummets below 50 frames-per-second, which is impressive for a 40-player game. This is a good thing, because we doubt that much will change prior to the title's early November release.