Shall we have this dance?

Forget the Rumble in the Jungle and Chuck Norris versus Bruce Lee: the bout between Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di threatens to define a generation. Ever since the Chinese tyrant brutally murdered Iwao Hazuki during the opening moments of Shenmue, fans of the franchise have been desperate to exact their revenge on the ponytailed mirror pilferer. Well, you may get your chance in Shenmue III, as creator Yu Suzuki has hinted that you'll face four bosses in the forthcoming PlayStation 4 follow-up.

While it's unclear whether you'll actually finish the leader of the Chi You Men off, it seems that the gang will feature heavily in the game. Fellow figurehead Niao Sun – who's featured in artwork as far back as the second game – will finally star, and will apparently be a more calculating foe. "She will be more cunning than head-on fighting," Suzuki told DualShockers. "She is an extremely beautiful and sexy but cruel woman."

As for other tidbits about the sequel, it sounds like Chai – the bonkers bald-headed baddie from the first game – will return, but exactly how he'll feature is a secret. One thing that we do know is that the dynamic weather system from the previous two titles will be included, but will be improved over past releases. Suzuki also said that he's targeting 30 frames-per-second on Sony's console, which is an oddly specific detail to get into this early – but make of it what you will.

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