Darkside PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Every other site in existence is about to report on this, so we may as well join in on the fun: Sony Santa Monica's cancelled PlayStation 4 exclusive was supposedly called Darkside. Not to be confused with a similarly named ex-THQ title, the game was being worked on by God of War III director Stig Asmussen for many years, before eventually being cancelled. And now we know a little more about it. Maybe.

The information comes courtesy of a NeoGAF user, so you may not want to put too much stock into it – but it corresponds with much of what we already know. According to a seemingly innocent post, the title boasted role-playing game mechanics, customisation, vehicles, and more. However, it just didn't come together, with the futuristic foray's fusion of melee and firearms failing first and foremost.

Perhaps most interesting to us is the name: Darkside. There was a teaser in God of War Ascension that showed the Earth semi-illuminated, with the message: "When the Earth stops, the journey begins." The concept sounds similar to sci-fi novel Hothouse, which presented the Earth as if it has stopped orbiting the sun – meaning only one side could ever see light. A harrowing proposition.

Alas, it sounds like, for whatever reason, the game just never reached its potential. The dearth of PS4 exclusives earlier in the generation can probably be attributed to the title's cancellation, as it was likely scheduled to be out by now. Sony Santa Monica's now turned its attention back to God of War, but with that series needing a reboot as well, we sincerely hope that things are progressing better.

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