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Plastic instruments are back, and Rock Band 4 is the first to blink. The first entry in the series since 2010, Harmonix is bringing the band together for one last gig. Boasting backward compatibility with most old kit and downloadable content, this title promises a potential setlist of over 1,500 songs out of the box. But the big question is: what do the critics think? Our review will be live a little later in the week, but in the meantime, here are some appraisals from around the web.

Games Radar - 5/5

With superb gameplay enhancements like freestyle soloing, and support not only for existing instruments but thousands of legacy DLC tracks, this is the new benchmark for rhythm action gaming.

IGN - 8.8/10

The track list that comes on the Rock Band 4 disc is a little light on memorable songs, but thanks to admirable backward compatibility with a huge DLC catalog, Rock Band 4 remains every bit the magical cooperative gaming experience the series has always been. Getting a band together in the living room to rock out creates some incredible moments of musical joy.

Game Informer - 8.75/10

Whether you're importing a back catalog or not, the new title stands on its own with smart music selections, and skill-based gameplay refined over years of experimentation. After a few years away, I'd almost forgotten how fun the Rock Band experience can be.

GameSpot - 7/10

Rock Band 4 recaptures the unadulterated gratification that made the series such a hit half a decade ago, but mainly because it's a relatively unchanged, repackaged Rock Band 2. A lack of content and general stagnation hold this particular iteration of Rock Band back, but new ideas like Freestyle Solos genuinely enhance the core experience, which remains a sincere and joyful celebration of music.

Will you be going all full plectrum warrior over Rock Band 4, or do you think that the sun set on this series long ago? Noodle around in the comments section below.