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This author's been thinking about horror on PlayStation VR a lot lately. Regular readers will have gazed at our article on Kitchen, the virtual reality tech demo by Capcom that caused this author to come out in cold sweats. The thing is, that experience is nowhere near as frightening as PT, so the Silent Hills teaser would probably have caused emotional trauma if it was compatible with Sony's headset.

The departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami means that we'll likely never know, but Allison Road – an indie game born out of PT fever – may yet evoke similar reactions. The title launched on Kickstarter late last month, but was pulled earlier in the week due to Worms maker Team 17 assuming publishing duties. And according to Sony's director of strategic content Shahid Ahmad, it could get PlayStation VR support yet.

Asked whether developer Lilith would be sent any development kits for the headset, the industrious executive answered: "How do you know that it hasn't already happened?" It's not a confirmation that the game will support the peripheral by any stretch, but it's a positive first step. And if this title turns out to be anywhere near as unsettling as PT, then that's both an exciting and petrifying proposition.

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