destiny taken king guardians.jpg

Over the last few days, we've seen outrage across the web regarding the fact that Destiny: The Taken King has been forcing its way onto people's PlayStation 4 systems. The game's icon has the ability to pop up on the console's main menu even if you've never owned Bungie's sci-fi shooter, and as you can imagine, this has caused numerous fits of rage across gaming forums and social media.

Fortunately, this isn't some sort annoying marketing campaign - it's actually one of the PS4's features kicking into life. Back in 2014, firmware update 1.75 added in 'curated content', which supposedly allows the machine to offer up software that it thinks you'll enjoy based upon factors like your play and purchase history. In other words, Destiny's appearing on your console because your system thinks that you might like to try it out. We're one step closer to sentient artificial intelligence.

Anyway, if you're not up for such shenanigans, curated content is easily disabled. Just head into the settings menu, turn 'automatic downloads' off, and you should be dandy.

Have you had to endure the trauma of seeing Destiny on your PS4's menu? Banish it back to the darkness in the comments section below.